I've been a photographer since 1993. I shoot film, mostly b/w although starting in 2007 I've been doing an increasing amount of color. If I know you, chances are I've photographed you, and even if I don't know you the odds are still pretty good. I'm one of those strange souls who never goes anywhere without a camera, and most of the things I see are through squinted eye. I know it's lame but it's me. I can't help it.

I have been advised that this website has too many pages, making it intimidating to browse. This is by design, and it is an honest reflection of my photography. I'm a volume shooter. I've made a lot of images, a very small fraction of which are on this site. If it seems overwhelming then good. It should.


1. Camera in hand always unless asleep in bed

2. Film is cheap

2a. Digital looks cheap

3. Reality is stronger than imagination

4. Form subjugates essence, yet requires it

5. Bystanders will quickly forget you, but a good photo lasts forever

6. Light should illuminate the subject matter but not be the subject matter.

6a. Don't fight light. You will always lose

7. Use right brain when shooting, left brain when looking over contact sheets. Paraphrased, this becomes...

8. Shoot first, ask questions later

I live with my wife Tabatha and my three sons, Zane, Leo, and Emmett, in Eugene, Oregon. Many of the photos on this site are from Portland, where we lived until mid-2006. I'm still involved with several Portland area photo groups, including Light Leak and Portland Grid Project. In 2008 I founded a grid project in Eugene modeled after the Portland version. I'm also a member of In-Public.

Custom prints of all images on this site are available for sale, or for barter with other photographers. Email for more info.

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All photography and web design by Blake Andrews, copyright 2014. Any unauthorized reproduction of these photos is strictly encouraged. All I ask is that an acknowledgement/link accompany any reproductions.

Although I still update a few sections of this website, for the most part it is inactive. To see what I'm up to lately please visit my blog.

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